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  1. D

    Promote & Demote from Moderator tools 1.0.1

    New Functionalities none Bugfixes & Changes some renaming to ensure compatibility fixed wrong redirects under some really special cirumstances
  2. D

    Promote & Demote from Moderator tools 1.0.2

    This addon allows you to easily Promote and Demote users from outside of the ACP. Now you can finally give your Moderators the rights to change a user's group without having to give them full rights to edit the user. You also don't need to sign into the ACP all the time.
  3. ZarJohn

    Idea Category tabs

    We need to take a closer look at this one since the easier ways are destroying compatibility with any addon which are editing the forums page. We would like to stay compatible with other addons, also our own ones.
  4. ZarJohn

    Idea Mass alerts/messages multiple users

    We will need to look into some stuff to decide how much works this would be so this will take some time.
  5. D

    Promote & Demote from Moderator tools 1.0.0