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  1. Tealk

    Where can I find my licenses?

    Hello, since I noticed that many users don't just download the Free Add-ons via their license but buy a new one every time, I create this tutorial that shows you where to find your license. First you go to the shop (1) and then in the sub navigation to your licenses (2). There you'll find all...
  2. Tealk

    Lastest Activity Widget

    Translation for version 1.1.1
  3. Tealk

    Last Member Online

    Translation for version 1.1.1
  4. Tealk

    Adjust stay logged in

    Translation for version 1.0.1
  5. Tealk

    Matomo Analytics integration

    Translation for version 1.1.1
  6. Tealk

    Email Confirm Time Remove

    Translation for version 1.1.0
  7. Tealk

    Status Indicator

    Translation for version 1.3.1
  8. Tealk

    Promote & Demote from Moderator tools

    Translation for version 1.0.0
  9. Tealk

    I can't download the add-on

    In order to download the purchased add-on you must first enter the forum URL. You can do this under "Your licenses" by clicking on the title of the add-on.
  10. Tealk

    I can't put anything in the shopping cart

    You must validate your XenForo license to download or purchase add-ons Click here to validate your license
  11. Tealk

    Change Shop system

    Hello everybody, we have changed the shop system because the old one did not meet our requirements. If there is a problem or a license doesn't work, please contact us.
  12. Tealk


    Welcome on AnzahTools If you have a feature request or bug report, all of them should be queried in separate threads if possible. Also try to be as specific as possible to speed up staff service. After you have published a feature request or bug report, please do not edit the post further...
  13. Tealk

    Launch of AnzahTools

    Welcome to AnzahTools. The first 10 users will the opportunity to save 5€ on their purchases. User the Code: AnzahToolsStart